Erica Ellis, PsyD, CMT

Director of Integrative Wellness Services

Dr. Ellis is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified massage therapist with over ten years of clinical experience in private, residential, and intensive outpatient settings. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University and her Doctorate of Psychology from Alliant-California School of Professional Psychology, where her work focused on the intersection between psychological and physiological health. She has trained in traditional psychodynamic therapy as well as cutting edge somatic modalities including mindfulness meditation, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Neural Manipulation, and Visceral Manipulation. Dr. Ellis is the founder an integrative bodywork approach and Integrative Wellness Psychology, an interdisciplinary treatment model that specialize in bridging the brain, mind, body, and spirit.

Her clinical practice includes adults, teens, and couples with a broad range of issues such as ADHD and executive function impairments, stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosomatic illness, physical pains, and concerns related to identity, culture, expatriation, relationships, phase of life, empowerment, and authenticity.