Laura Brownstein, BA

Behavioral Coach & Support Staff

Laura Brownstein, BA, completed her undergraduate education as a transfer student at Santa Monica College and then went to UC Santa Barbara graduating with Cum Laude with a major in Psychology and a minor in Applied Psychology. After that, she went to UC Irvine to get her Post- Baccalaureate certificate in Psychological Science. At UC Irvine, she presented at academic conferences and did a study on how often the school’s Disability Services Center (DSC) was mentioned on the available course syllabi. To the amazement of her and her peers, 73% of the available course syllabi at UC Irvine didn’t mention the center! Following her presentation, more of an effort was made to include the center on the syllabi. Using this study, Laura made it a priority to highlight the stigma of mental illness where she sees it. She uses this advocacy in her current education as Marriage and Family Therapy graduate student as Pepperdine University and soon as a therapy trainee at LA City College. Laura’s mission is to help other’s realize and understand the multifaceted layers that make up a mental illness as well as help society bring more awareness to the stigma associated with this vulnerable population.